Dwellso Dichlor-10 Disinfectant 5L


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  • Biodegradable
  • Kill 99.9% Bacterial & Germs
  • Alcohol Free
  • Food Grade, safe to use in kitchen
  • Kids Friendly

Dwellso Dichlor-10 Disinfectant 5L

Follow SOP, protect yourself, protect everyone! 


  • Brand Name: Dwellso
  • Liquid Capacity: 5 Litres
  • Biodegradable
  • Kill 99.9% Bacterial & Germs
  • Alcohol Free
  • Food Grade, safe to use in kitchen
  • Kids Friendly

Suitable to use for venues as below:

  • Retail Shop / Office
  • Private Vehicle / Public Transport
  • School / Kindergarten / Day Care Centre / Tuition Centre
  • Residential Lobby / Commercial Building Lobby
  • Factory / Convention Hall
  • Guard house
  • Restaurants / Food Court / Kopitiam
  • Bank / Hair Saloon / Beauty Saloon / SPA shop
  • and many other venues

How to differentiate a good Spray Gun and Disinfectant Liquid

We believe there are many public and customers are intend to buy or already bought a spray gun and disinfectant liquid for their own sanitizing purpose. Let us try to share you some important info during your purchase.

  1. What is the purpose to buy a spray gun?

    This is due to we need to spray to a bigger surface and sometime to somewhere further from us. So it is important for the spray gun to be able to spray for long distance.

  2. How to choose a spray gun?

    It should be able to spray out mist or smaller water molecule. Friendly reminder, you are not buying a water gun toys, don’t be fool by some sellers who provide wrong info which need to be wet only able to reach the sanitizing purpose. It is dangerous if accidentally spray on house electrical, computer, mobile phone, power plug and others.

  3. Reason to choose water base but not alcohol or oil base disinfectant liquid.

    This is purely for your own safety purpose. All spray guns are either connected to electric power or operated by rechargeable battery. Alcohol disinfectant liquid is flammable if over heated. We should advice our customer to avoid this dangerous idea. For oil base disinfectant will cause irritating on the surface and skin after dry. Usually need to wipe after it dry too. )

  4. How to choose suitable disinfectant liquid?

    (This is the myth of many people. The most common question is whether there is no alcohol for disinfection. In fact, alcohol is only one of so many disinfection methods, not the only. Why is it commonly used in hand sanitizers because it needs to achieve a quick-drying effect. And quick-drying also means that the effect will be consumed quickly, so it must be used frequently! More common disinfecting water such as dettol and bleach are also widely used, but sufficient water must be added in proportion. Some soapy water can also achieve disinfection. The key at this time is whether you use the right disinfectant? Will it destroy your body system, furniture, ironware, computer and others at the same time. Is it suitable for all surfaces? How long will it take after it gets on the surface to achieve the effect of disinfection? Do you need to wipe clean after drying to avoid breathing and skin discomfort. Will the disinfectant remaining in the air cause any discomfort or damage?)

  5. Some tips…

     5.1. Check the Internet to see if the ingredients of the disinfectant will cause skin and respiratory discomfort. And whether it will invade your furniture, electrical appliances or ironware.

    5.2. Do I need to wipe clean after use? Or just let it dry naturally?

    5.3. Can the substances left in the air evaporate?

    5.4. How quickly can it be disinfected?

    5.5. It is not recommended that some disinfectant water that produces a lot of soap bubbles after shaking. Or it smells like soap.

    5.6. Don’t buy some without business information, in case there is no way to pursue it.

    5.7. It is important to consider, the purpose is to kill the bacteria but not to harm your health at the same time. Ha ha…!


Why us?

1. Our wireless spray gun is proven GOOD QUALITY.
2. It is come with 3 months warranty.
3. Proven by customers satisfaction with our products & services.
4. Our disinfectant solution is FOOD GRADE & safe to all surface & human.
5. We cover whole nation delivery. Pls check if u r from Sabah or Sarawak.

You are welcome to enquiry within. Pls don’t hesitate to contact us.



  1. 为何要购买喷雾器?


2. 如何选择喷雾器?


3. 为何需选择水性而非酒精或油性消毒水?


4. 如何选择消毒水?

这是很多民众的迷思,最普遍的问题就是没有酒精能消毒吗?其实酒精只是这么多消毒方法之一,而非唯一。为何普遍使用于洗手液,是因为要达到快干的效果。而快干也代表效用也会消耗得快,所以必须时常使用!更普遍的消毒水如 dettol和bleach也是广泛被使用,但必须按比例参足够的水。一些肥皂水也可达到消毒的作用。此时关键是您用对了消毒水吗?会不会在消毒同时,也破坏了您的身体系统、家具、铁具、电脑与其他。它又是否适合于所有表层?沾到表层后,多久可达到消毒的效果?干后是否还需擦拭干净,以免弄到呼吸与皮肤的不适。残留在空气的消毒水会否造成任何不适或伤害?


  • 上网查询消毒水成分会否照成皮肤与呼吸系统不适。还有会否侵噬您的家具、电器或铁具。
  • 用后是否需要擦拭干净?或让它自然干透就好?
  • 残留在空气的物质是否能蒸发?
  • 它能多快发挥消毒作用?
  • 不建议一些摇晃后会产生很多如肥皂泡沫的消毒水。或闻起来像肥皂味道的。
  • 也莫买一些没商家资料的,以防追究无门。
  • 考虑好,您是想把细菌杀死,还是连自己一并杀死?哈!


1. 我们只售卖品质佳的喷雾器。

2. 产品附带3个月的保家期。

3. 我们的产品与服务得到了海量客户的认可。

4. 我们使用的是食品级消毒配方,保证对人体无害与适用于所有表层。

5. 全马包邮。沙巴或砂劳越请再咨询。


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Dwellso Dichlor-10 Disinfectant 5L